Komae Honey

Zhejiang Honey

Western bees, which are said to collect nectar of flowers by flying around a radius of 2 kilometers from the nest box, are bred and managed in the field of our farm near the Tama River.”Sabae Honey” which collected flowers blooming around the Tama River and fields such as acacia, white clover, and oranges is a product that can be tasted only in the natural rich Komae.

Product Information

Producer Ogawa Farm
Sales time From July to sold out
Price 1 bottle 300g 1,500 yen (tax included)


Name of the store Address
Ogawa Farm Tsujikata 3-11-5


  1. 布巻ハム

    Funomaki ham

  2. 鮎のすがた焼き

    Grilled sweetfish

  3. えだまめ羊羹

    Edamame Yokan

  4. うずまきちゃん


  5. こまえ~る


  6. こまえ縄文マドレーヌ

    Komae Jomon Madeleine