Sabrae, man-headed.

Sabrae, man-headed.

It is a Japanese and Western-style baked goods that designed the flow of the Tama River and the character of this.The bean paste made with walnuts and the moist but crispy texture are popular products since opening.

Product Information

Producer Komae Jiu-do
Price 162 yen per piece (tax included)


Name of the store Address Telephone number
Komae Yugetsudo (Head Office) Nakaizumi 4-24-7 03-3480-3431
Komae Yugetsudo (City Hall front store) Nakaizumi 1-2-10 03-3480-3880


  1. こまえ~る


  2. 鮎のすがた焼き

    Grilled sweetfish

  3. 布巻ハム

    Funomaki ham

  4. えだまめ羊羹

    Edamame Yokan

  5. よもぎかすていら

    Yomogi castella

  6. うずまきちゃん