Homemade sausagemade with minimal additives and spiraled with a focus on “safe, safe and delicious”.You can also stick it in a skewer and walk around eating.

Product Information

Producer Seijo and Shirota Kobo
Price 100g 290 yen (tax included)


Name of the store Address Telephone number
Seijo and Shirota Kobo Higashinogawa 4-5-8 03-3489-8611


  1. Grilled sweetfish

  2. えだまめ羊羹

    Edamame Yokan

  3. 狛江はちみつ

    Komae Honey

  4. サブレー万頭こまえ

    Sabrae, man-headed.

  5. こまえ縄文マドレーヌ

    Komae Jomon Madeleine

  6. 狛江史跡銘菓 万葉最中

    Komae Historic Site Famous Confectionery Manyo in the middle