Located on the banks of the Tama River, Gohonmatsu is a famous spot that is popular among the citizens as one of the most representative landscapes of Komae, and has been selected as one of the 50 views of the Tama River and one of the 100 100 views of New Tokyo.It is often used for filming movies and TV.

LocationNear Motoizumi 2-38, Komae City
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  1. Tamagawa River

  2. 小足立のびのび公園

    Koadachi Nobinobi Park

  3. 前原公園(とんぼ池公園)

    Maehara Park (Tonboike Park)

  4. Special Green Space Conservation Area (Benzaiten Pond, etc.)

  5. Seseragi Iwato River

  6. Nishinogawa Murmuring