Koadachi Nobinobi Park

Koadachi Nobinobi Park

Originally a field, it was built in 1997 as a variety of natural parks such as wooded forests and grasslands.You can also taste the change of the four seasons, you can use freely.This was the first citizen-participation park building that embodied the ideas of the local residents who used it, and it was the first time for residents’ activities such as community disaster prevention to flourish.

Location4-14 Nishinogawa, Komae
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  1. たまりや

    A tamari or

  2. 多摩川

    Tamagawa River

  3. 狛江市立古民家園(むいから民家園)

    Komae Municipal Folk House Garden (Mukara Minkaen)

  4. 西野川せせらぎ

    Seseragi Nishinokawa

  5. 玉川碑(万葉歌碑)

    Tamagawa Monument (Manyo Uta Monument)

  6. 野川