Maehara Park (Tonboike Park)

Maehara Park (Tonboike Park)

It is a park built together by civic groups and the city from the planning and design stage.There are two small ponds in the park, such as the city’s azaleas on the sidewalk in front of the park.It seems to be able to play all day long with a lot of play equipment such as a roller slide, a wide lawn, and a flower bed.A lot of people gather to spread the lunch box, collect insects, observe flowers, etc.There is also a toilet with a baby seat.

LocationNishinogawa 3-11, Komae City
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  1. 玉川碑(万葉歌碑)

    Tamagawa Monument (Manyoshu Monument)

  2. 小足立のびのび公園

    Koadachi Nobinobi Park

  3. 特別緑地保全地区(弁財天池等)

    Special Green Space Conservation Area (Benzaiten Pond, etc.)

  4. 狛江市立古民家園(むいから民家園)

    Komae Municipal Folk House Garden (Muikara Minkaen)

  5. 野川緑地公園

    Nogawa Green Park

  6. 岩戸川せせらぎ

    Seseragi Iwato River