Nishigawara Natural Park

Nishigawara Natural Park

It is a park rich in nature and is a place of relaxation and gathering that gives peace of water and greenery.About 10 cherry trees are planted in the park, and it is crowded with many people in spring.

In addition, picture letters are displayed on the bulletin board in the park, delighting people’s eyes.

LocationMotoizumi 2-34, Komae City
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  1. 野川緑地公園

    Nogawa Green Park

  2. 五本松


  3. たまりや

    A tamari or

  4. 水神社

    Mizu Shrine

  5. 西野川せせらぎ

    Seseragi Nishinokawa

  6. 多摩川

    Tamagawa River