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    • Watch & playNatural

    Nishigawara Natural Park

    It is a park rich in nature and is a place of relaxation and gathering that gives peace of water and greenery.About 1…

  1. 狛江市立古民家園(むいから民家園)
    • Watch & playHistoric Sites and Old Folk Houses

    Komae Municipal Folk House Garden (Mui…

    It began with a citizen movement to demolish and preserve the Arai family housing owner's house, and opened in 2002 a…

  2. 前原公園(とんぼ池公園)
    • Watch & playPlay Spot

    Maehara Park (Tonboike Park)

    It is a park built together by civic groups and the city from the planning and design stage.There are two small ponds…

  3. 野川
    • Watch & playNatural


    Nogawa is widely used as a green walkway, jogging track and cycling course that colors the four seasons.In addition, …

    • Watch & playNatural

    Tamagawa River

    With a total length of 138 kilometers and a watershed area of 1,240 square kilometers, the Tamagawa River is full of …

    • Watch & playNatural

    Nishinogawa Murmuring

    It is an artificial flow about 100 meters long and was built to convey the image of a waterway that drew water from t…

    • Watch & playNatural


    Located on the banks of the Tama River, Gohonmatsu is a famous spot that is popular among the citizens as one of the …

    • Watch & playNatural

    Seseragi Iwato River

    It is an artificial stream in Iwato Green Park, and was built in 1992 to convey the image of the Iwato River.  There…

  4. 玉川碑(万葉歌碑)
    • Watch & playHistoric Sites and Old Folk Houses

    Tamagawa Monument (Manyoshu Monument)

    It is a monument engraved with the "Handmade to the Tama River, and what the child's love" of the east song of "Manyo…

  5. 小足立のびのび公園
    • Watch & playPlay Spot

    Koadachi Nobinobi Park

    Originally a field, it was built in 1997 as a variety of natural parks such as wooded forests and grasslands.You can …